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FedEx Guindy

In the modern and technical world, everything has become easier, the shipping of letters or documents in ancient time takes more time and costly. Hence many private courier service providers are evolved, they provide services that save money and time. The shipping time is mostly reduced by courier service providers and the growth of the retail market has made courier service essential one. FedEx courier is a leading shipping company that solves many transportation problems. FedEx courier Guindy provides both domestic and international services at affordable cost, it helps to import or export goods to various locations in the world.

FedEx Chennai Guindy

We maintain all rules and regulations, duties and taxes that clears customs easily also we provide online solution for tracking and monitoring of goods. The domestic courier are delivered within 24 hours and for international shipments, we deliver according to the logistic weight, if it is below 68kg we deliver within 2 working days if it is above 68 kg then it takes 4 days. For international shipping we have 3 types of shipping options FedEx International first, FedEx international priority and FedEx International Economy.

FedEx Guindy Chennai Tamil Nadu

FedEx Guindy helps to ship volatile items like lithium batteries, hazardous goods, ignition items also through FedEx transportation, we maintain good packing safety for all the goods that have been shipped. We also provide business solutions for all industries that help to develop. We provide scheduled pickup and delivery of goods at your doorstep also we provide free packing assistance for international cargo’s. We accept all types of payment modes.

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We have a good relationship with customers, we acknowledge all goods shipped or delivered through FedEx courier, we maintain all these records for any references. The tracking number helps to track and monitor goods through online website, customer care number where we provide delivery person details also. 



"Our mission is to exceed customers' expectations in the transfer of their goods and documents around the world We deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in Express Services."




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