FedEx Anna Salai

FedEx Courier Service in Anna Salai

Courier services is the parcel delivering service that helps to delivery shipments from one location to other places in safer ways. The postal service is economical but its varies in speed and efficiency of the services rendered, so to get speedy delivery and scheduled transmit we go for private courier service providers. There are many courier company that differs in speed, efficiency and premium service.

FedEx Anna Salai

FedEx is an American MNC that provides faster courier service which was started o 1973. As retails marketing has increased the need for delivering goods has increased. We have a large delivery network that provides courier service easier and covers worldwide. FedEx provides both domestic and international services. The fleet is done through airplanes, truck, vans, and bus

FedEx express Anna Salai

The domestic services are documentation, small shipments, whereas international services are business to customers or business to business that involves e-commerce transmit of parcels, documents. The domestic services can be delivered within one working day. The international service takes time depending on the distance.

FedEx Anna Salai Chennai

FedEx Anna salai provides both domestic and international services. We provide doorstep pickup and delivery of goods. We maintain a good record of shipments that is been transmitted through FedEx. We have many hubs, the parcels are sorted according to the locations and transmitted to the hub and delivered accordingly.

FedEx in Anna Salai

FedEx Anna salai provides nominal charges depending on the weight and distance it’s been transmitted. We maintain all database about the shipment, the location from which it’s been sent and the delivery location, name and contact details, it can be verified in case of an emergency. The tracking number is been provided for all the shipments. It can be used to track the location its been located at a particular time and the delivery person details can also be fetched.

FedEx Anna Salai

FedEx Anna salai maintains good customer relation. The details can be collected from customer service also. We handle all the shipment with extra care. We ship documents, medicine, goods, and equipment. We don’t allow hazardous and poisonous items. We acknowledge from the receiver after receiving the parcel to maintain the record.



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